Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should I Say... F?

Yeah I know it's kinda rude for a girl to be saying it publicly, that's why I just write the initial of the word. I think everyone understand that really well right? I never thought that those kind of people still exist in this world. Well you might be anyone right? Doctor, Engineer, Student or whoever. Your English might be better than me. So what?

There's a saying practice makes perfect. I know maybe some of you find that me, writing in English were kinda disgusting or stupid or whatever. And I just can't smile and say I don't give a damn! Just because you caught few wrong spelled words or grammar mistakes or whatever, you can't judge me like I'm an ignorant person. I'm learning to be better. That's why I write. If I think I'm already good, I don't need to be wasting my time, referring to the dictionary and Google just to get the right words.

And oh! Please don't tell me I'm wasting your time because I'm not the one who went to you and pulled your hair/ears to visit my page. Well everyone have a brain and I think you should use more of your brain before you said/write something. You just showed me that you're someone with no brain when you said those things to me. Really~


  1. Cakap je... Aku xabis-abis nak ckp perkataan tu kt blog aku jua. Huhu! Mujur skrg dh ada spam control tu, so bleh je buang segala comments yg x berkenaan.

    I miss you!! :)

  2. hmmm.. geram kan.. adoi...

    miss you too! ^^

  3. enjoy reading yours...fb said i like :D

  4. luqman: thanks.. really appreciate it.. ^^