Monday, January 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! (^^,)

I am back! (whew) It took so long for me to decide when is the right time to republish my blog after few months putting it in 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'. Actually there is no construction activity going on at all. At first, I really want to improves the layout and everything by designing my own template, but in the end there is nothing done.. (hahaha funny!)

Well I did learn and practice all the tutorials but then nothing seems to be right. It just did not reached my expectations, so here we are. Staring at the same boring layout. I hope you guys would just withstand me this time. (~.~)

I decided to put some of my previous posts in draft because I thought some of them were just a bunch of crap that nobody never really wants to read. Trust me, I was so annoying when I get angry and I tend to express it in my posts before, and it made me looks like a fool. Yes, I admit it (haha).

So, hmmm.. what else should I say? errrr.. oh! why did I choose today to republish my blog? Well, it has something to do with 'quarter'. Haha.. Actually it's my 25th birthday today.. (yeayyyy.....!!!) I am getting older huh? I would not deny that. And I really wants to become a better person as I added 1 year to my age. So lets try our best okay!

Till then, take care!

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